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What Are Bay Window

So what are bay windows? First of all, they consist of three large windows that are connected together at an angle. In most cases, the middle or center window is larger than the two side windows and is fixed and cannot be opened. In some cases, there is a small section of wall that separates the center and side windows, while in other cases the windows are separated from one another by a frame only. The angle at which the side windows connect with the center window is an important features that affects the overall look and feel of the bay window.

Bay windows create a place in the home to look out onto the world. Okay, this may read a bit dramatic, but it's not completely off the mark. A bay window is meant to be an focal point of a room, from both the outside and the inside. Let's take it from both sides of the view. For pricing information, see our bay window estimator.

From The Inside

Bay windows add square footage to a home by bumping out an existing wall, typically in the kitchen, although they can be placed anywhere that makes sense visually and structurally. Often, they are accompanied on the inside with a sitting area that is typically geared towards the room in which it sits.

So, for instance, a bay window in a kitchen may have a table with seating around it for a family to gather, eat and socialize. A bay window in a family room may have seating that is meant as a place to knit, read, play the ipad, etc. - in other words a common area for everyone in the household to do what they love to do together. Because of the set up and the large amount of glass area, it is a perfect place to look out upon the outside world from the comfort of your home. It may not be the most amazing view, but it

From The Outside

If a bay window is viewable from the outside (as opposed to one that is placed in a courtyard and therefore not visible from the street), it provides a focal point for those passing by. In this regard, it is not unlike a large picture window that draws the eyes of visitors or passerbys. Because the bay window breaks up a flat wall and consists of multiple large windows, it is visually appealing from the outside.

Bay windows enhance the beauty and curb appeal of a home, perhaps as much as any feature on the outside of a home. They are not inexpensive though - see more on bay window prices.

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