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Mid Range Bay Window Prices

Explore mid range bay windows prices and get cost breakdowns on the bay window unit itself, installation pricing and complete project costs.

-- Mid Range Project: $1,500 to $3,000 Installed --

Mid Range Bay Windows

The mid range price point opens up lots of possibilities that are typically not available with the entry level bay windows, particularly in what materials will be used in the framing. While a high end vinyl may be used, more expensive materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, composites and even a lower end wood clad frame will be in the mix. Expect a nice mid range low-e glass package with fills, some decent hardware options (either a high end plastic or less expensive metal) and a few other upgrades to the window features and aesthetics. One option that is nice is to upgrade fixed windows on the two side windows with ones that open - casements or double hungs - which allow for afternoon breezes and easier cleaning.

-- Product Only Price: $1,300 to $2000 (not including installation) --

Installation Pricing

Most mid range bay window installation will run $200 to $1000, less expensive than the installation costs on most high end bays. Why the difference? Often, homeowners will use a local window company, but not certified installers that come at a premium price. It typically takes two to three installers several hours to take out the original window(s) and to insert the new bay and properly caulk and seal the opening and make sure everything looks good on the inside and outside.

-- Install Pricing: $200 to $1000 --

Installed Bay Window Cost

Mid-range bay window costs start at $1,500 and top out around $3,000 fully installed. This price range includes the bay window itself, all materials that the installers will need and the labor or installation cost of the project.

Recommended Manufacturers

-- Complete Project Cost: 1,500 to $3,000 installed --

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