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Finding Quality Contractors And Companies

Finding good manufacturers who produce well made bay window units is only half of the replacement project. It is essential to choose a quality contractor with a good reputation to ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard. Read on for five tips to help find the best installers in your area.

Get Three or Four Estimates

It's always a good idea to get a number of estimates and not go with the first contractor you get in touch with. Getting estimates not only puts you in control of your project and enables you to review and compare the estimates, but it helps you get to know the requirements of your project and learn what process is needed for your window replacements.

With the estimates in hand, compare them against each other. Compare the costs, recommended window brands and models, job requirements etc. Any that are 25% or more over or under the others should be scrutinized more closely. There shouldn't be this kind of discrepancy unless the windows used are significantly better than the others.

Get Expert Advice

Always get advice. You can do this by going online and doing a search for replacement windows. There are a number of sites and forums that can provide valuable advice. In some cases you will need to register and then open a new ticket. Ensure you include all the details of your project, including the prices you've been quoted and ask whether this is considered a reasonable price. Also add what windows and models are being used so the experts can give you solid advice based on the estimates you have already received.

Review the Company

Having a number of estimates and getting advice will help narrow down the search. The next step is ensuring that the company you choose is reputable, reliable and experienced. Installation is as important as the window you choose, which is why this is such an important step. Ask the company for references from jobs completed and contact each of these references. Try and get references which are about four or five years old, by now any problems from installation would have shown up and you can get an honest review from a past customer.

Go With Your Gut

You may now be sitting with two companies, both of which have good reviews and have provided you with reasonable estimates. Now it's time to go with your gut and trust your instincts. The company or the installation expert should have answered any questions putting your mind at ease. Stay away from any companies that had an aggressive sales approach.

Quality Is More Important Than Price

It's so tempting to go with the cheapest price. Cheaper is not always better, so concentrate on finding the best price for the highest quality job. The windows should be good quality from a reputable manufacturer. Installation should be done by an experienced and knowledgeable installer providing your home with twenty five years of energy efficient windows that are made to last.

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