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Entry Level Bay Windows Prices

Explore entry level bay windows prices and get cost breakdowns on the bay window unit itself, installation pricing and complete project costs.

-- Entry Level Project - $800 to $1,500 Installed --

Entry Level Bay Windows

Entry level bay windows usually consist of a pre-made vinyl frame and three non-opening or fixed windows. The unit will typically have a limited choice of hardware and colors (white and off white), use a very basic glass package and does not have the options and upgrades that are available with more expensive bay window units.

-- Product Only Price: $600 to $900 (not including installation) --

Installation Pricing

When it comes to installation, bay windows prices vary between $200 and $900 per opening. In some cases the frame has to be made bigger which can increase the installation price dramatically. In order to keep the costs affordable the replacement window and frame should be of similar size.

-- Install Pricing: $200 to $900 --

Installed Bay Window Cost

Entry level bay window prices start at $800 and tops out at $1,500 installed. This price range includes the bay window itself, all materials that the installers need and the labor portion of the project.

-- Complete Project Cost: $800 to $1,500 installed --

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