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Bay Window Prices

Bay window prices encompass a big range, from $800 to $5000 or more - this is installed pricing and includes the cost of the bay window, the materials required for the install as well as the labor costs. Explore three different distinct price points and links to pages that go into more detail on what you can expect in terms of materials, features, installation, etc.

Entry Level Bay Window Cost

Entry level bay windows usually consist of a pre-made vinyl frame and three non-opening or fixed windows. The unit will typically have a limited choice of hardware and colors.

-- Entry Level Project - $800 to $1,500 Installed --

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Mid Range Bay Window Cost

The mid range price point opens up lots of possibilities that are typically not available with the entry level bays, particularly in what materials will be used in the framing.

-- Mid Range Project Cost: $1,500 to $3,000 Installed --

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Hign End Bay Window Cost

High-end bay windows will almost always come from a high end manufacturer such as Marvin, Andersen, Loewen, Kolbe etc.

-- High End Project Cost: $3,000 to $5,000 + Installed --

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