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Bay Window Estimates

Getting multiple bay window estimates can save you time, frustration and lots of your hard earned money. Here are some steps and suggestions to help you find quality bay windows and project bids.

Why Multiple Estimates?

A contractor or local window company can bid out a project anyway they see fit. Which means that an unscrupulous company that thinks you'll pay 2x the going rate for a replacement bay window will bid out the project at 2x the price. Getting two estimates isn't much help either because if there is a wide discrepency between the bids it's almost impossible to tell which bid is off the mark (maybe they both are.) We always suggest three or more bids in order to get a good sense of the going rate to replace the windows.

The Bids Themselves

Some companies give you a price, but don't break the cost down by window, installation materials and labor. One way to get them to do this is to ask for bids on different models and options they offer so if they sell Andersen and Marvin Bay windows, get a bid on both and then ask how much of the bid is the installation itself. Usually they will tell you what they are charging for the install and then you have a baseline.

Once You Have The Bids

Lay the bids out side by side to compare them. They will probably differ in price by manufacturer and window model, as well as the labor or installation portion of the project. Do any of them seem out of line pricewise? If so, you can probably get rid of them. You obviously want a well made bay window from a reputable company. Check out our best bay windows page to see some of our picks for the best vinyl, fiberglass, composite and wood clad options.

Installer Reputation

Installation is half the battle. If the bay window is installed incorrectly, it can put undue stress on the walls or roofline and cause damage over time. If the unit is not properly sealed and caulked, you will lose energy efficiency and may even get undue condensation on the interior of the glass. This is why it's so important to properly vet the installer or window company. You don't have to do all of the following, but these are some suggestions for making sure that the company you hire is worth their salt. Check to see if they have good reviews online. Check with the Better Business Bureau on their Business grade. Ask for some references from past clients - ask for a reference from a few years ago if possible to see how the work has held up.

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