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Andersen Bay Window Costs

Anderson bay window costs run roughly $3,000 to $6,000 fully installed for their 4 main window series. Andersen manufacturers well made bay windows that can be completely customized by size, dimension, glass package, hardware, screen options and more. Like all manufacturers, Andersen buys the bay box, or the basic pre made unit, from a bay box manufacturer and then adds their windows and special touches such as interior wood pieces to make the bay unit theirs. Andersen and Marvin Windows are both considered top manufacturers.

Cost Of Bay Unit Only

-- $2,700 to $4,500 --

Price Of Installation

-- $300 to $1000 --

Completed Project Price

-- $3,000 to $6,000 --

Andersen 100 Series Bay Window

The 100 Series is a composite window frame that is available in a number of different colors and options.

Dimensions: 90"W x 48"H
Cost (Bay Unit Only): $2,700

Andersen 200 Series Bay Window

The 200 Series is the builder grade wood clad option that gets just okay marks from contractors and installers.

Dimensions: 90"W x 48"H
Cost (Bay Unit Only): $2,800

Andersen 400 Series Bay Window

The 400 Series is considered a good value, a well made wood clad window that is available in the woodwright and tilt turn design styles.

Dimensions: 90"W x 48"H
Cost (Bay Unit Only): $3,500

Andersen A Series Bay Window

The Architectural Series is the high end and very expensive wood clad series that is quite stunning in its detail, but out of the price range of most consumers.

Dimensions: 90"W x 48"H
Cost (Bay Unit Only): $4,500

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